consultancy on dangerous goods... it's a matter of safety
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Cantell specialises in consultancy and training in the legislation governing transport of dangerous goods.

We can assist you with:
- Dangerous goods consultancy
- A Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor 
- Dangerous goods training/courses
- Transport documents (ADR, IMDG, IATA)
- UN approved fibreboard boxes
- ADR equipment
- Hazard labels for packages
- Hazard placards for vehicles and containers

In case you are interested in knowing more about our services please contact us for more information.
We have specialised in providing all types of training related to the transport of dangerous goods based on applicable legislation.

We offer courses specifically tailored to the requirements of your company at your location.

Alternatively, you and your colleagues can join our open courses at Comwell in Middelfart (Danish speaking).

Our courses includes, but are not limited to, the following:

- ADR basic and advanced courses
- IMDG basic and advanced courses
- IATA basic and refresher courses
- Safety advisor courses
- Cargo securement courses
- Fire extinguisher inspection courses
We offer competitive prices on labels and other dangerous goods marking.

Dangerous goods equipment and signs
We stock a wide range of statutory equipment and signs for the transport of dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods books
We stock all relevant dangerous goods laws and handbooks.

Cargo securing system
We sell one of the most effective cargo restrain systems - TY-GARD.
Contact us for further information and prices.